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We aim to inspire others to eat close to nature by enjoying nourishing food, prepared with love, using wholefood ingredients.

At Nourish we are a family run business owned and operated by Bundaberg locals. We are passionate about offering healthy eating choices that are delicious! We believe that you can have nutritional and health-conscious food that tastes great and leaves you feeling vital and alive! We want our food to nourish your body and your spirit.

Our strong commitment to using wholefood ingredients ensures you will not find highly processed foods, additive filled baked goods or cage eggs at Nourish. What you will find is food that has been freshly prepared using conscientious practices that seek to fill your plate with nourishing morsels.

Our coffee is sourced from a boutique, independent roaster from Northern New South Wales who is strongly committed to sourcing ethical and fair trade coffee beans. We take great pride in extensively training our baristas and blending the best coffee with the highest quality milks to deliver you a satisfying coffee experience each and every visit.

For the non-coffee drinkers we have additive free chai that is made using traditional practises, sugar free smoothies made with only real fruit, our famous Golden Milk Latte, a variety of hot chocolate options and more!


A versatile menu with a versatile approach to eating well in a modern world

At Nourish we have a strong commitment to sourcing our ingredients locally. We seek to use only ingredients that are ethically and sustainably produced, preferably certified organic, and will nourish your body with its goodness, rather than placing stress on your body to process it.

Offering you a choice in your eating choices as a part of our everyday range is a core part of our philosophy at Nourish. Whether you are a carnivore, vegan, vegetarian or need to avoid certain food ingredients we are proud to offer a predominantly organic menu that has something for everyone.

For hot and cold drinks we offer a range of milks; including locally sourced Central Queensland Dairy Fresh milk, Bonsoy, coconut milk, house-made almond (made with activated Australian spray free almonds) milk and house-made almond-coconut milk (made with activated Australian spray free almonds and organic shredded coconut).

At Nourish Cafe we have a strong commitment to using wholefood ingredients. We strive to offer food that has been freshly prepared using conscious practices that seek to fill your plate with nourishing morsels!

Come on in and take a look, we are sure you’ll enjoy our great atmosphere and refreshing menu.