Who are we?

Nourish is a family run business, owned by Bundaberg locals who are passionate about offering wholefood meals and snacks that are delicious! Ultimately, we want our food to nourish your body and leave you feeling vital and alive.

What are we about?

Our motto – Nourish – inspiring others to eat close to nature by enjoying nourishing food, prepared with love, using wholefood ingredients

At Nourish Cafe we have a strong commitment to using wholefood ingredients. What you will find is food that has been freshly prepared using conscious practices that seek to fill your plate with nourishing morsels!

We have a strong commitment to sourcing locally, using organic ingredients wherever possible as well as ingredients that are fair-trade, ethically and sustainably produced. We will only ever offer free range meats and eggs and ingredients which have been fairly paid for.

We believe that being healthy is not just about eating good food, it’s also about avoiding foods and substances that actively damage our bodies. For this reason, our menu will not include known carcinogens that are added to many processed foods such as artificial sweeteners, sulphur dioxide (preservative 220) or sodium nitrite or highly processed ingredients such as white sugar and white flour. At Nourish Cafe we seek to offer only foods that nourish your body.

Most importantly, we seek to offer you food that you will enjoy! No matter where you are in your own personal health journey, Nourish Cafe hopes to share foods and drinks with you that will showcase the wonderful pleasure of good, wholesome food.

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Nourish Cafe Bundaberg