Who ever heard of a Christmas Cake made with sweet potato?!

Well, that’s exactly what one creative local baker has done –created an utterly unique cake that celebrates our vibrant local region by using unique ingredients such as sweet potato, banana flour and Bundaberg Rum!

Judy Plath, owner of Nourish Café, in Bundaberg’s main street, was set the challenge by a local farmer to create a Christmassy cake packed with local goodness, with a little bit of ‘naughty’ thrown in!

“When banana grower, Jacinta Jowett from Springhaven Meadows, suggested I create a healthy version of a rum-soaked Christmas pudding, I thought she was crazy” laughs Mrs Plath “But when I started thinking about it, I got really excited about the challenge”.

Thus, the ‘Celebrate Bundaberg’ Cake was born. This cake features a raft of local ingredients, including free range eggs, ginger, chai tea, sweet potato, banana products, and the spirit that put Bundaberg on the international map, Bundaberg Rum.

And, Judy Plath is quick to point out, there’s a lot of local pride and endeavour in this cake too!

“We employ a team of 12 local people at our café” says Mrs Plath “and we believe they are just as important an ingredient as the Rum in this cake”.

“It’s our dedicated team who cook the sweet potato, crack the eggs, peel the bananas, soak the fruit in rum and bake the cake” says Mrs Plath “so really, they are another local ingredient to add to the list!”.

Nourish Café has a strong focus on using nourishing, ethical and sustainable products, so every ingredient in the cake has been carefully thought through.

“We avoid using highly refined ingredients because they have little nutritional value” says Mrs Plath “instead we use minimally processed, nutritionally dense ingredients like the locally made banana flour from the Springhaven Meadows”.

“We love that our eggs come from animals that live a natural life, feeding out in the open, like the chooks from Fig Tree Farm”

“And we love that local sweet potato growers, the Hartnetts, have recently become certified biodynamic, meaning they use no pesticides or synthetic fertilisers in their farming system” says Mrs Plath.

Along with the other local ingredients, everything else in the Celebration Cake is also well considered – the raisins and currants are certified organic and don’t use the controversial preservative, sulphur dioxide; the oil used in the cake is cold pressed, organic coconut oil, the cinnamon is certified organic and so on and so on.

As an added bonus, the Nourish Café ‘Celebrate Bundaberg’ Cake is suitable for those who need a gluten free, dairy free or grain free version of good old Aussie favourites like fruit cake or Christmas pudding.

“Most importantly, this cake is designed to be a nourishing addition to the Christmas table so that people don’t have to feel guilty about a little Christmas Day indulgence” says Mrs Plath.

For more information about ordering your very own ‘Celebrate Bundaberg’ Cake, pop in to Nourish Café at 176 Bourbong Street, Bundaberg or contact us via our Facebook Page.