At Nourish, we understand that many people are seeking a different experience with food. 

Our goal is to support you to choose foods and drinks that agree with you, and what you believe, by offering a range of different menu options, with a strong focus on wholefoods and organics.

Our menu varies with the seasons, local availability and ethical considerations, which means there will always be plenty of variety and fresh options at Nourish Cafe! We are committed to keeping our prices reasonable but we also recognise that good quality, ethically produced ingredients have a value and we respect the people, animals and land that worked hard to provide us with nourishing ingredients.

View our Menu (as at November 2019) here:-

Nourish Menu November 2019

We embrace traditional methods of food preparation that civilisations have used for thousands of years to preserve the nourishing benefits of their harvest. We also employ modern techniques that have allowed us to weave healthier food options into our busy lives, such as green smoothies and raw breads.

4 - fresh organic food

Why Wholefoods?

Wholefoods are foods straight from nature – foods that our bodies can recognise and process. All our house-made dishes are free from highly processed ingredients or unwanted additives and preservatives. We only use naturally sourced sweeteners for our iced drinks, smoothies and baked goods. Our meals use wholefood ingredients that are inherently gluten free. We offer choices to suit those who are dairy free, grain free, vegan, raw, vegetarian and meat lovers! Most importantly, we aim to offer meals that are full of taste and vitality!

Why Organic?

Where-ever possible, we prioritise using certified organic ingredients because we believe they have been produced in a way that is kind to the environment and kind to our bodies! Organic foods have been grown without chemicals and synthetic inputs and when we consume them, we are not adding to the chemical load our bodies are faced with in the modern world. In some situations we are not able to source an organically certified ingredient, so we then try to source chemical free or ethically grown produce. While some of our local farmer suppliers are not certified organic, we choose to support them because they are producing a high quality, ethical, nutritious product and we LOVE to support local farmers!

If you ever need to know which of our ingredients are certified organic (or which are not certified), please don’t hesitate to ask! Not every team member will be able to answer this question, but they can always find out for you :).

2 - healthy takeaway

8 - golden milk