Promise Nutrition - I Love Berries. Natural. Healthy. Strawberry. Raspberry. BlueberrySome time ago I was approached by a lovely young local couple who are as passionate about real food as I am! Alistair and Sarah Hill are Bundaberg locals who became frustrated with a lack of transparency in the supplement industry. As a professional athlete and fitness instructor, Alistair was searching for a protein product that would truly nourish his body.

Alistair says “As the years have passed by, my dissatisfaction in the health, supplement and food industries has grown substantially; in particular, the misleading and harmful advertising that is so rampant. It’s one thing to have a product that is unhealthy for someone but it’s another thing to advertise that product as something that will improve their health”. Well said, I say!

So, Alistair and his wife, Sarah, decided if the product didn’t exist, they’d create it! Enter … PROMISE NUTRITION … a range of high quality, additive free protein products that are completely transparent in their ingredients and their methods of manufacture.

This couple have scoured the globe to source products that meet their incredibly high standards for genuine nutrition and quality. As they say “Over the past few years we have scrutinised many of the natural products on the market in Australia and overseas. Unfortunately, we’ve found that even companies using real ingredients are often still deceptive in their marketing which goes against our belief in being completely honest and transparent”.

What does that have to do with Nourish Cafe?

Just after the launch of Promise Nutrition, Alistair and Sarah approached Nourish Cafe to see if we’d consider using their protein products on our menu. Their timing couldn’t have been better! We had been quietly searching for a protein range that we could add to our smoothies which wouldn’t compromise on our high standards for wholefood ingredients. After sourcing a high quality dairy free (vegan) protein range from Byron Bay for our smoothies, we also wanted a whey protein range but were unexcited by the whey protein supplement options on the market. So, to discover that a locally owned company was already making a high quality, sugar free whey protein range was truly a blessing!

Long story short??

Nourish Cafe now has a delicious range of protein packed, sugar free smoothies that will power you through your day, nourisBlueberry Smoothieh your body pre/post workout or give the kids a healthier milkshake option for when you’re out and about!

Oh! Did I mention they’re packed with local goodies as well? Yep, local bananas, local macadamias, and, of course, Bundy’s very own Promise Nutrition protein range!!

Pop in soon – mention this post and receive a FREE sample of one of our delicious new protein smoothies xx

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